Property Reading & Clearing


A Property Reading is an energetic reading, clearing and realignment of the property, in which there is “energetic ownership”. Typically this is any property or space that you are financially responsible for. If you have any questions about this,  please contact me.

Properties hold the energetic vibrations from when the land was first occupied up to present day. Over time there becomes an accumulation of various energies depending on what occurred on the land over the years.  Maybe it was deemed a sacred site a one time or was a battleground. There are also the energies of the previous owners that become imprinted onto the property. All of these accumulated energies will have an affect on you without you even being aware of it. If you have had a Soul Realignment™ reading or have done any other energy healing work, you may now be more sensitive to the energies of the property and feel as though  something is not quite “right,” as your energetic vibration has  now  changed but the property’s energy has not.

A Property Reading and Clearing would benefit you if: 

• you become energetically sensitive to your surroundings 

• something doesn’t feel quite “right” 

• moving into a new home and you want to clear the energies from 

        the previous residents 

• you are having difficulty trying to sell a property 

For these reasons or your own personal reason, a property clearing is very beneficial…most people saying that they experience a “lightness” or “change in their emotions and behaviors” after the property has been cleared.


After the reading, clearing, and realignment, there will be a 15-20 minute discussion of the findings via the phone or video chat.

 Property Reading & Clearing    $47.00 

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