Property Reading & Clearing

Property Reading

 A Property Reading is an energetic reading, clearing and realignment of the property, in which there is “energetic ownership”. Typically, this is any property or space for which you are financially responsible. If you have any questions about this, please contact me.

Have you ever walked into somebody’s home and suddenly just felt uncomfortable for no reason at all?

Our homes and offices can hold negative energies, thoughts and even earthbound souls (souls that did not transition at the time of their passing). Sometimes our homes and offices are built on land that was once a sacred site, battlefield, or a burial ground, and this energetic imprint remains.

The negative energy can make us feel uncomfortable in our home and can affect our mood and behaviors, which could lead to martial or financial issues. Items in the house all of a sudden might not work as they once did, like lights, appliances, or doors not closing. It can turn potential buyers away from purchasing a home.

A Property Reading and clearing would benefit you if: 

·  You are moving into a new home or office and you want to clear the energies from the previous owners/renters

·  You feel uncomfortable, distracted, anxious, or energetically drained

·  You are having difficulty selling a house (real estate agents this is a great service for you!)

·  Need to rid heavy energy after an illness, dealing with stressful situations/events, or have shifted your personal energy through your own healing work

A property clearing is exceptionally beneficial, with most people saying that they experience a “lightness”, a “change in their emotions and behaviors”, or “not running into problems working around the house” after the property has been cleared.

The reading and clearing are done prior to a scheduled 15 to 20-minute discussion of the findings via the phone or Zoom.

Property Reading: includes Energetic Property Clearing, Summary Discussion and Write-up of Summary with Recommended Tips and Strategies - $35.00

This is a Soul Realignment™ service and uses the Akashic Record to access the information and to perform the clearing work.

Upon receipt of payment, an email will be sent asking for the required information of the address of the property, name of the person financially responsible for the property, and name of occupants. Please include phone number. This is distant work. Work will be done prior to review, which is given via Zoom, phone or in-person if local.  Once the  reading  and  clearing  have  been completed,  we  will  schedule  the appointment  for review.

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